Tuesday, 2 March 2010

"On Omer Uluc
I was so moved by this great man and great artist, omer uluc. He was my friend, and I felt him to be larger than life. There is no one to replace him. As I imagine hearing his laugher or the focus of his eyes during our many intense discussions on art, I am so moved. I always believed there was the touch of the absurd in his work in the most profound and vivid sense. He was an existential Being who fully comprehended the surface of living. I can think of few artists with his insight or his calibre of coming to terms with the everyday world through his artistic imagination. Omer was capable of seeing reality from an oblique angle. He was always ingenious and accurate in his vision. My times with he and vivet were amazing, in fact, they were magical and full of life. I send my deepest condolences to his magnificent wife, Vivet, and to omer's brilliant daughter, Ifie. I am saddened but exhilarated that I knew this great human being, this artist among artists, who was never afraid to tell the truth, who never backed away from reality, but confronted it face to face. This was his way. I believe his art was instrumental in opening the threshold of Turkish culture to a new century, as he gave a renewed respect for human beings everywhere on earth. He was a humble and dignified man, who understood the future in relation to the past. I will miss him greatly. He was a shining jewel whose spirit will continue to shine through his art and through his presence on earth. I loved omer uluc.

robert c. morgan
new york city"